Short Term Goals

  • Establish the organisation as a public company limited by guarantee under ASIC.
  • Host the inaugural AGM during the ASSC in May of 2016 introducing the 2016-2017 Executive Committee.
  • Produce an initial Sponsorship Prospectus and initiate relationships with the industry.
  • Continue to hold the student representative position on the RACS Section of Academic Surgery (SAS) committee, including attendance at their May and November meetings.
  • Establish a strong online presence including a website and social media pages.
  • Include information about each of the surgical societies on the ASSA website and include reciprocal links with each society website.
  • Host the first online meeting of the Committee of Surgical Society Presidents for 2016.
  • Recruit founding members for 2016 including members from every surgical society across Australia and New Zealand.



Medium Term Goals

  • Incorporate feedback obtained from the AGM from members and ensure efficient functioning of the inaugural Executive.
  • Host further meetings of the Committee of Surgical Society Presidents.
  • Develop our online presence through website updates and continuous activity on social media.
  • Increase membership numbers across Australia and New Zealand to include the majority of medical students and a significant proportion of junior doctors.
  • Host the Australasian Surgical Leadership Symposium (ASLS) and inaugural National Surgical Skills Competition (NSSC).
  • Develop a collaborative research network of medical students across Australia and New Zealand in order to facilitate the conducting of a large multi-centre audit, or similar project.
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with sponsors to ensure adequate financial support for ASSA’s activities.
  • Foster productive relationships with each of RACS’ state committees and maintain ASSA’s relationship with the SAS, including the student representative role and attendance at their biannual meetings.
  • Initiate innovative academic programs and resources through ASSA’s website, including informative videos and interactive forums.



Long Term Goals

  • Achieve a membership base that includes virtually all medical students and the majority of junior doctors across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Remain an active representative body for the student surgical societies and host regular online meetings with the Committee of Surgical Society Presidents.
  • Continue to maintain a successful relationship with RACS at the both the national and regional levels, as well as with the SAS.
  • Run successful annual events such as the ASSC, ASLS and NSSC.
  • Maintain strong relationships with sponsors and financial supporters of ASSA.
  • Establish a significant online presence supported by an up-to-date website and a substantial social media following.
  • Continue to innovate and develop new programs and opportunities for ASSA’s members.