Until 2015, ASSA existed a sub-committee of the Australasian Medical Student Association (AMSA) and was known as the Surgical Interest Network (SurgIN). During the last few years there has been a rapid growth in the surgical societies across Australia and New Zealand at both universities and clinical schools, and the need for a strong representative body has become critical for their progress. In March of 2015, with the support of the 27 surgical societies, the elected Chair of SurgIN put forward the motion to remove SurgIN as a subcommittee of AMSA, in order to enable the formation of a new surgical network. This motion was approved unanimously by the AMSA representative council and the decision has since been ratified by the AMSA Board and a Memorandum of Understanding drafted to promote ongoing collegiality between the groups.


After a strong start from the 2016 ASSA Executive, the 2017 ASSA Executive has its focus on achieving the mission, vision and objectives of the organisation. This executive now comprises of a strong corporate structure that has established itself as a public company limited by guarantee with ASIC. With the success of the Australasian Students’ Surgical Conference (ASSC) 2016 held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, the ASSA aims to further develop and promote  the conference and its entities in 2017. More details about the Executive team can be found in the ASSA Executive Overview.