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Opioid prescription patterns and usage across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand: A prospective, multi-centre cohort study

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What is the OPERAS Study?

OPERAS Abstract

Project StatusWhat Are Our Main Objectives?

OPERAS is an international, prospective multi-centre cohort study that aims: 

  1. To compare the type, quantity and duration of postoperative, post-discharge opioid prescriptions for postoperative analgesia to what is consumed by patients at 7-days post-discharge
  2. To describe the variations in opioid prescription and consumption after discharge from surgery  
  3. To identify risk factors for opioid overprescribing after common surgical procedures

Through the OPERAS Study, we aim to build collaborative research capacity within medical students and junior doctors in ANZ.

Who is Involved?

TASMAN invites all medical students in their clinical years, junior doctors and consultants to become collaborators of this study.
All collaborators will be included as PubMed-citable co-authors on resulting publications. All hospitals conducting common surgical procedures can participate in this study. Full list of eligible procedures can be found in the protocol. This study is international.
  • If you are in Australia or New Zealand, please fill out an EOI in the link above. If you have any further queries please contact your state lead or email us at 
  • If you are outside of Australia and New Zealand, please contact your relevant regional lead (contact details below) . If your hospital is not in a region with a national lead, please email us at 

OPERAS Study Documents:

OPERAS Study Protocol

Australian Ethics Approval Letter

7 Day Telephone Follow Up Script

New Zealand Ethics Approval Letter

Patient Information Sheet and Informed Consent Form – Australia

Patient Information Sheet and Informed Consent Form – New Zealand

REDCap Mini Team Registration Guide

REDCap Data Collection Guide

Case Report Form