ASSA – Australasian Students' Surgical Association

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Here you can get involved with huge multi-centre international collaborative research projects that you can contribute to for publication! See what competitions are running! From academic meetings, to conferences, to global surgery and diversity in surgery.

Trainee led Surgical Research through the Clinical Trials Network of Australia and New Zealand (CTANZ)

CTANZ is a bold new key RACS initiative to pioneer and drive the development of clinical trials networks across Australia and New Zealand. This unprecedented opportunity is offered to trainees, prevocational doctors and medical students with passion and drive.
We invite you to step up, lead and direct multi centred trials and studies that will improve patient care.

Adapted from the Clinical Trials Network-UK model for Australasia, you work collaboratively to deliver large scale research studies. A publication model which ensures that all contributors are recognised as part of a PubMed listed citable group authorship has been developed to ensure all network contributors can claim a publication on their CV.

CTANZ believes you can lead the way with practice changing surgical research. If you share this vision and want to engage we want to hear from you. Please contact us at so we can support you.
Clinical Director (Professor David Watson) and CTANZ Coordinator (Dr Lorwai Tan).