Calendar of Events

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16/03/2021 6pm ACDT – Adelaide Uni Surgical Society Cardiothoracic & Vascular Anatomy Night (Ray Last Anatomy Laboratories)

17/03/2021 6pm AEST – Incision UQ: Surgical Pathways Evening (Translational research institute auditorium and ONLINE)

17/03/2021 6:30pm NZDT – Dunedin Society of Aspiring Surgeons Surgical Speed Dating (Barnett Lecture Theatre)

18/03/2021 5:30pm AEDT – UNSW Surgical Society Basic & Advanced Suturing workshop 1 (WW Physiology Labs)

23/03/2021 6:00pm AEDT – MUSIG Launch Event 2021: The Day in The Life of a Surgeon (ONLINE)

23/03/2021 5:30pm AEDT – Deakin Surgical Interest Group Surgical Careers Night (ONLINE)

24/03/2021 5:30pm ACDT – Adelaide Uni Surgical Society Neuroanatomy and Ophthalmology Anatomy Night (Helen Mayo South)

25/03/2021 6pm AEST – Incision UQ: March Journal Club (Translational research institute room 2007 and ONLINE)

29/03/2021 4:30pm AEST – Incision UQ: Sem 1 Radiographic Anatomy Seminar (Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and ONLINE)


06/04/2021 6:00pm AEDT – Bond University Surgical Society: Year 3 Peer Tutoring Revision Night 211 (ONLINE)

06/04/2021 6:30pm ACDT – Adelaide Uni Surgical Society Introduction to Surgical Research (AHMS)

13/04/2021 6pm AEST – Incision UQ: April Journal Club (Translational research institute room 2007 and ONLINE)

14/04/2021 5:30pm AEST – MUSIG presents: Eastern Surgical Skills Workshop (Maroondah Hospital)

14/04/2021 5:30pm AEST – Surgia: Basic and Advanced Suturing (G40 Level 10)

15/04/2021 5:30pm AEST – JCU Surgical Society: Surgical Skills Night (JCU – College of Medicine and Dentistry)

24/04/2021 8:30am AEST – Incision UQ: Surgical Conference (Translational Research Institute and ONLINE)

28-29/04/2021 5:30pm AEST – Western Sydney Surgical Society: Basic Suturing Night (BCS and MCS)


08/05/2021 9:00am AEST – UNSW Surgical Society: NSW Women in Surgery Symposium 2021 (Colombo Theatres)

10/05/2021 7:30pm AEST – Notre Dame Association of Surgical Specialties Suturing Skills Series

10&17&24/05/2021 7:30pm AEST – The University of Western Australia Surgical Society – UWASS Radiology Lecture Series (Seminar Room level 7 Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital)

11/05/2021 5:30pm AEST – Adelaide Uni Surgical Society General Surgery Anatomy Night (Ray Last Anatomy Laboratories)

14/05/2021 5:30pm AEST – UNSW Surgical Society: Bowel Anastomosis Workshop (Wallace Wurth Physiology Labs)

15/05/2021 9:00am AEST – JCU RACS Competition Trials (JCU 046-007)

17/05/2021 6:00pm AEST – Incision UQ: May Journal Club (Translational research institute room 2007 and ONLINE)

17/05/2021 6:00pm AEST – Monash University Surgical Interest Group (MUSIG) Preclinical Surgical Skills Workshop (Monash Uni)

24/05/2021 5:00pm AEST – Deakin Surgical Interest Group Surgical Skills Workshop (Geelong Clinical School)

25/05/2021 6:00pm AEST – Incision UQ: Year 2 Semester 1 Anatomy Review (ONLINE)


04/06/2021 7:30pm AEST – Flinders University Surgical Society Charity Cocktail Night (The Gallery)


04/09/2021 – Dermatology Interest Group: New Zealand Students’ Dermatology Conference 2021 (Auckland, TBA)

*Note that some surgical societies require that you be a member, and/or a medical student at that university to attend the event. Please consult the event organiser if you are unsure.

Surgical Society Presidents/Chairs

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Incision UQ

Sivagowri Somasundaram

I’m Sivi, Incision UQ Chair for 2021. I am entering my final year of medical school and have a passion for anatomy and surgery. I initially became involved with Incision UQ in 2019 as Anatomy Officer and enjoyed it so much I slowly moved up the ranks to become chair. One of my favourite parts of Incision is that it runs well-attended events due to its relevancy to the curriculum and the high student interest in surgery. My vision for the year is to engage as much of the student body as possible in all of Incision’s events through increased advertising and our new website. I also look forward to improving our interactive Surgical Conference to include more research components and relevant skills workshops. Some of my other favourite events include the surgical specialties evening, radiographic anatomy seminars and suturing workshops which are very popular. I hope this year will be less disrupted by COVID-19 and we will be able to run very successful in-person events once again! Please don’t hesitate to check out our Incision UQ Facebook page.

James Cook University Surgical Society

Mohammad Askarisabzevari (Mo Askari)

I am Mo, final year medical student at JCU Townsville, QLD. I found interest in surgery later on during my 4th year in medical school, having previously seen myself to be a psychiatrist. I have a special interest in plastics and general surgery.
Some of my passions include arts and crafts, carpentry, motorbikes and soccer!


Bond University Surgical Society

Karamveer Nagi

I first developed an interest during his years completing my science degree understanding the intricate nature of the human anatomy. From this, I took a keen eye on everything surgical and was amazed at all the things possible through surgery. Seeing the benefits to people that surgery can have was one of the main highlights that led me towards being interested in this field. Once entering bond university, I took a keen interest in the surgical society at bond, where I join the team as the IT/Publications Director, then leading to President of the society the following year. Being in this position has allowed me to learn a great deal not only about the surgical field, but being a team leader and ensuring that as a group, BUSS can further enhance the students learning about the surgical field.

SURGIA (Surgical Interest Association)

Shantel Chang

Hi, I’m Shantel, and I’m currently in my third year of medical school at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. My interest in surgery was fuelled through learning anatomy, first in physiotherapy as an undergraduate and now in medical school. In my spare time outside of medical school, you’ll find me attempting a new recipe in the kitchen, brewing a cup of filter coffee or playing volleyball (have to balance out the eating somehow). As president of Surgia, I look forward to inspiring the surgical leaders of tomorrow, and to provide opportunities to learn more about this exciting field. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about anything surgery or Surgia-related!

New South Wales

Surgical Association of Notre Dame University Sydney (SANDUS)

Andrew Stark & Zelda Perri

Hi I’m Andrew, one of the SANDUS Co-chairs for 2021. I’m from Brisbane but based in inner Sydney for med school. My passion for surgery is still pretty broad but at the moment the eye and brain are my two favourite systems to learn about. I’m really keen to meet all of you like minded future surgeons this year so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Hi I’m Zelda and I have the pleasure of co-chairing SANDUS for 2021. I’m from Melbourne but I am studying med in Sydney and will be returning to Victoria for my clinical years. Surgery represents an exciting area I am looking forward to exploring this passion through running surgical workshops and events. I hope to encourage my peers to consider a career in surgery whilst advocating for more representation and diversity in the field. I am very keen for the year ahead and getting to know all of you!

Macquarie University Surgical Society

Anuj Chavan

Hello there, I’m Anuj the chair for Macquarie University Surgical Society (MUSS) nice to meet you!
Throughout the course of my MD, I have had the privilege of being part of MUSS – working with a team of passionate students has enabled me to combine my interest in surgery and my desire to create a strong student run organization for Macquarie Medicine students.
MUSS is an organization dedicated to supporting all Macquarie Medicine students by developing their interest and experience in the surgical sciences. As an all-encompassing surgical society, we aim to create and foster curiosity in the various surgical sub-specialties, as well as encourage our students to grow and explore these specialties through various events and programmes throughout the four years of their medical schooling. Since inception, MUSS has supported hundreds of avid students in developing their knowledge of surgery, equipping them with the skills and technical know-how for internship, and integrating them into the broader community of established surgeons.
If you’re a MQMD student and have an interest in the surgical sciences or in pursuing a career in surgery, you’re more than welcome to reach out and get in touch with myself or the rest of the team! See you around!


Western Sydney Surgical Society

Jack Carlson

Hello everyone! My name is Jack Carlson and I’m the president of the Western Sydney Surgical Society (WSSS). I am in my 5th and final year at Western Sydney Uni (WSU) and I am interested in Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery. I have been helped out by many senior students throughout my education and I am looking forward to paying back the favour to Junior meddies interested in all things surgery!

University of New England Surgical and Emergency Society

Vanessa Ng & Nikeisha Klein

I am Vanessa Ng, a 3rd year medical student at the University of New England, and one of the co-presidents of the University of New England Surgical and Emergency Society for 2021. After finishing high school in Hong Kong, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science at the University of Auckland before moving to Armidale to pursue medicine. I have an interest in paediatric surgery, trauma surgery and reconstructive plastics. As a result, I have recently started working with Operation Smile, a charity that works to provide surgery for children with cleft palate and cleft lip all over the world.

My name is Nikeisha Klein and I am a 3rd year medical student at the University of New England, and one of the Co-Presidents of the University of New England Surgical and Emergency Society for 2021. I have always had a passion for surgery, particularly after completing my work experience with the Paediatric Surgery team at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. After finishing high school I completed a Bachelor of Medical Science majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics before moving to Armidale to study Medicine.


University of Newcastle Surgical Society

Swathi Ekambareshwar

Hi! My name is Swathi, and I’m the president of UNSS and I’m in my fourth year of medicine. Since my second year, I have been actively involved in UNSS, having previously held the roles of Secretary and Sponsorship Officer. Whilst in these roles, I’ve been involved in other portfolios, such as tutoring anatomy for 1st and 2nd year revision nights, and organising Surgical VIVA OSCE nights for 3rd years. In 2021, I aspire to continue the learning opportunities for students in our society – such as developing anatomy revision flash cards and re-introducing practical events (fingers crossed!) Prior to studying medicine, I completed a Bachelor of Medical Science, followed by an honours year. Whilst I’m still undecided on where to after medicine, I am particularly interested in General Surgery, Paediatrics and Trauma Medicine!


Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne (SSSM)

Damien Wu

Hi there! I’m Damien, the president of the Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne (SSSM). I love all things film, Buzzfeed’s Unsolved and music from the noughties. If you’re a fan of Mr Brightside, then we’re already friends. Although I’m told I can be a bit of a loopy character (perhaps an unfortunate side effect of the excessive Froot Loops diet in my childhood), please don’t be afraid to shoot me a message if you have any questions about SSSM!


Deakin Surgical Interest Group

Sylvia Hsueh

Hi, I am Sylvia, currently a fourth year medical student from Deakin and the chair of Deakin Surgical Interest Group (DSIG) for 2021. We are a team of four that organises surgery related events, talks and research opportunities throughout the year. We hope to provide varies hands-on events for students to be exposed and prepared for surgical skills, promote diversity in surgery and all the support for students interested. These events are not only for those who desire to pursue surgery, but also for those who are interested in experiencing what the field of surgery entails and those that just want to improve their hands-on skills. We welcome everyone so make sure to contact us if you wish to be involved!

Monash University Surgical Interest Group (MUSIG)

Samantha Leng and David Chen

Hi! We’re David and Sam, co-chairs of Monash University Surgical Interest Group! We look forward to seeing you at our events this year!
David is a third year medical student at Monash University who has an interest in plastics and urology. In addition to his MUSIG commitments, he is one of Australasian Students’ Surgical Association’s academic surgery officers for 2020/21. Beyond the medical textbooks and PubMed, David loves graphic design and writing blog posts about his experiences on @koffee.stat!
Sam is a final year medical student at Monash University, and a longtime member of MUSIG. In 2020 she completed a Bachelor of Medical Science in Paediatric Surgery, and has had a keen interest in research ever since. Outside of medicine, Sam likes to spend time bouldering and doing jigsaw puzzles!

Western Australia

University of Western Australia Surgical Society (UWASS)

Matthew Pugliese

As a keen leader with a passion for all things surgical, I’m excited to be the president of UWASS in 2021. I have an interest in urology and rural surgery and love helping connect others with great opportunities. In my spare time you can find me playing volleyball or out fishing with friends at the beach! Please feel free to contact me with anything surgically-related and I’d be more than happy to help you out.


Notre Dame Association of Surgical Specialties

Jason Monteleone

I am a third-year student at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle with a background in business (management consulting and anti-corruption) and a keen interest in surgical and critical care pathways.
I have a firm belief that excellence in medicine is a collaborative effort and that we can only hope to achieve better outcomes by ensuring that all medical students have equal and high-quality opportunities for learning. As such, I hope to provide Notre Dame students with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of surgical skills through NDASS initiatives.


South Australia

Adelaide University Surgical Society

Laure Taher Mansour & Jaspreet Sandhu

Laure is a 5th year medical student and Jas is a 6th (final) year medical student at the University of Adelaide. They are both looking forward to being the 2021 Co-Chairs of the Adelaide University Surgical Society. Their main interests and focus for the AUSS in 2021 are Gender Equity in Surgery, Surgical Education and Collaborative Research.

Flinders University Surgical Society

Justin Smith

Hello everyone, my name is Justin and I am a second year graduate entry medical student from Canada. I am honoured to represent my fellow students as the 2021 President of the Flinders University Surgical Society (FUSS)! My background in sports, anatomy and the musculoskeletal system have fuelled my passion to pursue a career in Orthopaedic surgery. I had the honour of representing my fellow students as the Community Director for FUSS last year, and I am excited to bring the same enthusiasm and leadership to the President position in 2021.


Australian National University Surgical Society

Theodore Scordas

Howdy! I’m Theodore, the president of the Australian National University Surgical Society for 2021. As a Victorian by birth, I moved to Canberra to study medicine and have developed a passion for surgery, specifically vascular, throughout my years there. In the very small amount of time outside of medicine, you’ll find me watching 80’s action movies or reading with a feeble attempt at attending the gym. Please do not hesitate in contacting me with any questions you may have about surgery or the ANU surgical society.



Tasmanian Anatomy & Surgical Interest Network (TASIN)

Brittany Kay

Hi friends! My name is Brit. I am from Kiwiland, but have been living in Tassie for 5 years now. I am going into my final year of med school (a long time coming!) and it is my pleasure to be leading TASIN in 2021. I was actually the TASIN President in 2019 – I loved the role so much, I came back for round 2! It is fantastic having the opportunity to continue where I left off, whilst building on the awesome work of my predecessors. TASIN was founded in 2012. TASIN aims to inspire, educate and empower medical students at the University of Tasmania who are interested in pursuing a surgical career, as well as enabling students to acquire essential skills applicable to all areas of medicine. TASIN provides complementary practical anatomical and surgical teaching, beyond what is taught in the current university curriculum. TASIN is a subcommittee of the Tasmanian University Medical Students’ Society (TUMSS), and involves all three of our clinical schools (Hobart, Launceston and Burnie). In 2021, we plan to continue our famous workshops. Suturing, plastering, ultrasound… this is only the beginning! We aim to make surgery less intimidating and more accessible to students. We have established a surgical mentoring program, where keen students are paired with generous consultant volunteers, opening doors to opportunities for research, networking and skill development.
I thank our student volunteers and senior colleagues for their enthusiasm and support. I cannot wait to see what TASIN achieves going forward!


New Zealand

Dunedin Society of Aspiring Surgeons (DSAS)

Kushan Gandhi

Kia ora my name’s Kushan and I’m a MBChB/PhD student currently studying in my fourth year of medicine, whilst doing a PhD in enhanced neural drug delivery at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Outside of my study, I’m a keen snowboarder, an absolute coffee nerd, and I love cooking and dining out. I’m personally interested in neurosurgery and general surgery, and I look forward to helping promote, motivate, educate and up-skill students in the field of surgery as president of DSAS in 2021.

Dermatology Interest Group – University of Auckland

Karan Banker

Kia ora everyone! My name is Karan, I am currently a 5th-year medical student at the University of Auckland. I have the privilege of being the President for the Dermatology Interest Group at Auckland. We have a fantastic committee with some excellent events in planning for the year. In particular, we will be hosting our national dermatology conference mid-year, something we are very excited about. I look forward to working with ASSA and the other executive members from the different surgical societies around Australasia!