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President's Welcome

Dear students, doctors, partners and guests, 

Welcome to the Australasian Students’ Surgical Association (ASSA)! 

ASSA is a not-for-public association dedicated to supporting the surgical endeavours of students and their local student surgical societies in Australia and New Zealand. While professional development and academic proficiency lie at the forefront of our priorities, ultimately our mission is to nurture leaders, sustainably improving working culture and surgical care in our communities and beyond. 

The surgical societies of Australia and New Zealand cater for an extremely large base of over 20,000 medical students, with some societies consisting of over 1,000 members. Each society is unique in its history, structure and opportunities, and ASSA serves to represent and connect them, ensuring optimal functioning. By creating a community of aspiring surgeons, not only are students able to better access opportunities in surgery wherever they might be, but are more equipped to advocate for important subjects that ultimately affect personal wellbeing and patient outcomes, from gender equity and burnout to collaborative research and global surgery. 

With this in mind, ASSA is excited to present the following opportunities for students and prospective partners in 2020: 

  • Australasian Students’ Surgical Conference (ASSC) 2020 – Melbourne, Australia 
  • ASSA Leadership & Collaborative Research Day – Sydney, Australia
  • Australasian Golden Scalpel Games – in collaboration with HETI and RACS 
  • ASSA Research Training (ART) Course for collaborative research
  • TASMAN collaborative research initiatives – including the international COMPASS trial 
  • ASSA Creative Arts Competition 
  • ASSA Australasian Global Surgery National Working Group – in partnership with InciSioN 
  • ASSA Global Surgery educational modules and research 
  • ASSA Policy, advocating for surgical issues on behalf of students and surgical societies across Australasia

…and more! 

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the passion and commitment of our current committee, ASSA alumni, surgical societies and collaborators across the world. We are thrilled to play our small part in students’ surgical journeys and look forward to the change that you all will undoubtedly inspire wherever your paths lead, surgery or otherwise. 

Ngā mihi, 

Jim Wang
Australasian Students’ Surgical Association

Jim Wang


Jim Wang is from Taiwan and going into his 6th & final year of medicine at The University of Auckland.  

Jim is fascinated by the technical, problem-solving aspect of surgery and for this creativity to palpably manifest in improved outcomes for patients and their families is endlessly inspiring. Though tucked away in New Zealand, Jim has been involved with ASSA for a number of years, previously the Academic Officer in 2017-2018 and more recently, Academic Convenor for the 2019 International Surgical Students’ Conference (ISSC). 

He envisions ASSA to consolidate its profile over the coming year, advocate for equity with/within surgery and provide students with meaningful opportunities in emerging fields such as collaborative research. Jim is personally committed to a more supportive culture in surgery, one that educates by empowerment, does not discriminate and is free of unproductive exclusivity & elitism.

Jim is excited to work alongside our incredibly motivated and capable team as well as all 25 surgical societies to best support medical students across Australia and New Zealand.

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