ASSETs: Australasian Students’ Surgical Education Tools

The Academics team at ASSA is proud to introduce ASSETs, Australasian Students’ Surgical Education Tools. ASSETs will provide a platform for student-created surgical education resources, such as surgery ‘snapshots’, practice OSCE guides, quizzes and anatomy resources. 

ASSETs aims to: 

  • Provide surgically inclined medical students with valuable study resources to revise surgical content or expand their knowledge.
  • Provide junior doctors and trainees the opportunity to pass on knowledge to the next generation as they begin their pathway to surgery, and recognise the contributions of volunteers.

Accessing the resource bank:

All resources are located in the ASSA Membership Portal. 

Sign up for an annual ASSA membership at $5/year to access the portal and all ASSA wide initiatives including study and research resources, events, discount codes, podcasts, and much more.

Get involved!

Junior doctors and trainees with a surgical interest from across Australia and New Zealand are invited to contribute towards ASSETs as Resource Reviewers. Resource Reviewers will assess ASSETs resources to ensure accuracy of academic content and provide any suggestions for improvement. 

If you are interested in becoming a Resource Reviewer for ASSETs, please complete this form to register your interest:

Any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to email the ASSA Academics team at:

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