Davina Daudu


University of Western Australia 4th Year

Interests: Vascular surgery, medical education, health policy, equitable healthcare.

Vision: Advocating for a supportive and inclusive surgical profession, growing ASSA as a platform to develop leaders and changemakers, working with the talented 2020/21 ASSA and surgical society teams.

Fun fact: Davina loves board games and learnt Settlers of Catan during the COVID-19 isolation. 

Julia De Groot

Vice President External

Griffith University 4th Year

Interests: General surgery, optimisation of pre-op/post-op/surgical care for public hospital patients, diversity in surgery.

Vision: Facilitating and teaching skills to students, supporting students surgical societies across Australia and New Zealand to reach their goals and achieve their visions.

Fun fact: Julia is an avid tea drinker and spends her spare time training in aerial skills acrobatics!

Tyson Zhang

Vice President Internal

University of New England 4th Year

Interests: Global surgery, rural surgery, orthopaedics, neurological and reconstructive plastics.

Vision: Supporting the diverse and talented ASSA team, building ASSA to be an accessible organisation advocating for issues such as gender equity, global surgery, and rural surgery.

Fun fact: Tyson wrote this bio at 4:30am. His friends are worried about his sleep schedule.

Lachlan Arthur


Australian National University 3rd Year

Interests: Plastic and reconstructive surgery, access to surgical care across Australia and globally.

Vision: Getting involved with the various initiatives the different ASSA committees are working on, fulfilling secretarial duties.

Fun fact: Lachie is a keen long distance runner and competes regularly, sometimes in events up to 100km long.

Danny Deng


University of Sydney 3rd Year

Interests: Orthopaedic surgery, improving access to healthcare across Australia and the world.

Vision: Working with the ASSA team to improve surgical education, access, and equity across Australia and New Zealand.

Fun fact: Danny is (overly) confident that he can build any IKEA flat pack item without needing the instructions.  

Christine Jun

Academics Co-Officer

University of Melbourne 3rd Year

Interests: Neuroscience, accessibility to surgery, kindness in medicine.

Vision: Creating inclusive opportunities and open-access education at the medical student level.

Fun fact: Christine loves literature, old languages, and anthropology. In another life she would have liked to become a classics professor. 

David Chen

Academics Co-Officer

Monash University 3rd Year

Interests: Neurological surgery, plastic surgery.

Vision: Sharing passion for surgical research through hands-on experiences across Australia and New Zealand.

Fun fact: At one point, David was running 7 Instagram accounts for different organisations!

Upasana Pathak

Events Co-Director

Australian National University 3rd Year

Interests: Cardiothoracic surgery, rural surgery.

Vision: Broadening the events portfolio through events focused on surgical issues for rural, remote, and Indigenous Australians.

Fun fact: Upasana has three birthdays!

Peter Goh

Events Co-Director

Monash University 3rd Year

Interests: Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, ophthalmic surgery.

Vision: Creating new and exciting events to spark interest and connect students across Australia and New Zealand.

Fun fact: Peter loves grabbing dessert with friends, even if he’s already had a full day of eating!

Roberta Sidoti

InciSioN Co-Chair

Monash University 4th Year

Interests: Trauma surgery, orthopaedic surgery.

Vision: Ensuring global surgery resources and opportunities are accessible to medical students.

Fun fact: Roberta used to be the lead singer of a rock band back home in Italy!

Daniel Lowe

InciSioN Co-Chair

Bond University 4th Year

Interests: Global surgery, international healthcare disparities.

Vision: Spreading passion for global surgery, reducing disparities in healthcare.

Fun fact: Daniel’s absolute favourite food is dumplings – they may be accepted as bribes.

Lorane Gaborit

Policy Officer

Australian National University 4th Year

Interests: Collaborative research, health equity, health workforce education.

Vision: Developing a policy base that represents students and provides direction for advocacy.

Fun fact: Lorane is interested in rural surgery, and will be based in a rural town for 2021.

Charlotte Cornwell

Sponsorship Officer

University of New England 4th Year

Interests: General, vascular, and cardiothoracic surgery.

Vision: Developing sponsor relationships to increase events, develop merchandise, and acquire further member benefits.

Fun fact: The most interesting surgery Charlotte has observed was a living-donor renal transplant!

Jiting Li

Promotions Officer

Monash University 3rd Year

Interests: Trauma and reconstructive surgery.

Vision: Working with the ASSA team to engage with interested students and connecting them to exciting opportunities.

Fun fact: Despite being a coffee addict, Jiting hates black coffee.

Kate Murray

IT Officer

Griffith University 3rd Year

Interests: Accessibility in surgery, gender equity, global and rural surgery.

Vision: Creating access to resources, information, and events for medical students to further their future careers.

Fun fact: Kate used to be a ballerina! If you ask very nicely, she’ll do a pirouette for you.

Katrina Xiao

Social Media Co-Manager

Bond University 3rd Year

Interests: Photography, editing, general surgery.

Vision: Creating engaging interactive content to encourage students to be involved in surgery.

Fun fact: Katrina is obsessed with the show ‘Friends’ (couldn’t possibly pick a favourite ‘friend’ though)!

Joshua Walt

Social Media Co-Manager

University of Melbourne 2nd Year

Interests: Orthopaedic surgery.

Vision: Encouraging networks between like-minded students across Australasia.

Fun fact: A surgeon Josh shadowed recently became the world first to use augmented  surgical guidance in minimally invasive spine surgery. 

Ashna Hegde

ASSC Deputy Convenor

Curtin University 3rd Year

Interests: Global surgery, diversity and representation in surgery.

Vision: Collaborating with incredible like-minded students across Australia and New Zealand for an amazing conference.

Fun fact: The past three generations of women in Ashna’s family were all born on the 16th of the month!

Adam Perkovic

ASSC Co-Convenor

University of Newcastle 5th Year

Interests: ENT/head and neck surgery, global surgery, surgical innovation.

Vision: Working with the ASSC and ASSA teams to present a stellar conference!

Fun fact: As a child, Adam always wanted to be a pilot and still has a diecast plane collection.

Grace Dennis

ASSC Co-Convenor

University of Newcastle 5th Year

Interests: Orthopaedic surgery, representation and diversity in surgery.

Vision: Working with ASSA and ASSC teams to bring you an incredible 2021 event!

Fun fact: Grace’s favourite country she’s travelled to is Canada.