University of Notre Dame Sydney: Aubrey Wood

Aubrey completed a BMedSci at USyd, graduating with First Class Honours for her research with Melanoma Institute Australia. Working for both Macquarie Uni’s Surgical Skills Cadaver Lab and the NSW Tissue Donation retrieval team has given her a broad insight into surgical specialties and refinement of her surgical skills. Now in her second year of the MD at UNDS, Aubrey is passionate about encouraging her female peers to consider surgery as a viable pathway to an incredibly rewarding career.

Deakin University: Fred Gorman

Hi everyone! My name is Fred and I am the Chair of Deakin Surgical Interest Group (DSIG). I grew up in country Victoria, Echuca. I studied my undergraduate at Monash. I now live in Torquay and am based at University Hospital Geelong. I am very excited to lead DSIG this year, its a fantastic experience to be a part of a team that brings together professional and budding surgeons, for clinical and educational workshops. When I am not at uni, you can find me either surfing or snowboarding in the winter.

University of Otago: Kushan Gandhi

Kia ora, my name’s Kushan and I’m looking forward to leading the Dunedin Society of Aspiring Surgeons (DSAS) as President in 2023. I’m passionate about improving prevocational medical student engagement in surgery, and have a personal interest in neurosurgery, research and teaching.

University of Otago: William Ju

Kia ora, my name is William Ju. I am a TI at Otago, CSIG president and also ASSA’s academic officer. I am passionate about teaching and peer created resources, as well as surgery in general.

Monash University: Peter Goh

Hi! I am currently one of the co-chairs of the Monash University Surgical Interest Group and I am in my final year of Medicine. Through my years with MUSIG, I enjoyed the community that the committee provided, and loved the opportunity to increase awareness and to teach surgical skills to other students. I am keen to continue working with other surgical societies this year to provide the same for all students across Australasia!

Griffith University: Mahnoor

My name is Mahnoor, 3rd year at Griffith Uni. I am someone who is passionate about the world of surgery and am also very passionate about my nightly routine of having a bowl of watermelon.

University of Queensland: Hsiong Khoo Yee

Hey everyone! I’m Hsiong and the Chair of Incision UQ for 2023. I am currently in my final year. I am excited to work with my committee this year to increase the exposure in the field of surgery to all medical students via the events we hold. UQ is making major changes to the MD programme in 2023 and that will present Incision UQ with major opportunities to engage students! I am also looking forward to working with the ASSA networks and other surgical societies!

University of Melbourne: Albert Shen

Albert’s vibe can be described in one Google image search – ‘capybara in yuzu bath’ – chill, approachable and pretty much can get along with anybody. In his spare time you’ll find him frequenting the tennis courts, pulling late nighters to watch the F1 livestreams (the sad life of an Australian fan honestly), and cooking carbonara even though he once ate it for 2 months straight and still did not get sick of it. Pretty sure all that’s flowing in his veins now is that good egg sauce.

Bond University: Maddy Condren

My name is Maddy, the President of the Bond Uni Surgical Society. When I’m not making a study nest in the library, I can usually be found in the pool or patrolling the beach as a lifesaver. As a kid who grew up mostly outside, I’ve broken my fair share bones which quickly developed into a keen interest for the human body. Now that I have a greater understanding of how we work (and break) I’m itching to get my hands on a bone saw and into orthopaedics. Within BUSS, we’re keen to give students insight and inspiration into what the surgical specialty can offer them in their future.

University of Tasmania: Thiuni Adikari

Hi everyone! My name is Thiuni and I am a final year medical student at the University of Tasmania. I am very keen on surgery and research and am excited to lead TASIN this year. Goals for this year include getting through medical school, increasing surgical exposure and chances to upskill for students in every year of medical school at UTas and facilitating opportunities for education and research for those interested in surgery.

University of Newcastle: Olivia Freeman

Hello! My name is Olivia, a fourth year student at the University of Newcastle and the President of UNSS. I am passionate about surgical education and ensuring all students feel comfortable with surgical issues, as well as the encouragement and facilitation of women pursuing a surgical career. I hope to continue to collaborate with students and surgeons across Australia to promote surgery to UON!

Curtin University: Jack Jenning

Hi everyone! My name is Jack and I am the President for Curtin Surgical Students’ Association. I am very passionate about equipping medical students with skills that will help them in both their medical placements but also as a junior doctor. I think we should all have a broad variety of tools in our belt to approach each problem individually and to continue progressing the surgical field as we begin this eternal journey into surgery.

Monash University: Aya Basam

Hi! My name is Aya, I am currently a final year medical student at Monash University, and MUSIG co-chair for 2022. I have had a blast on all my surgical rotations so far through medical school but have developed a special love for general and trauma surgery. Outside of medicine, I spend most of my time with my friends exploring new brunch spots around the city or going to my life-long favourite: Nandos. I have also recently reignited my childhood love of Lego building, and I am a big soccer fan – having played the sport since I was 9!

University of Notre Dame Fremantle: Derek Liddall

My name is Derek, I’m in my final year of medicine at Notre Dame Fremantle and this year am President of the Notre Dame Association of Surgical Specialties (NDASS). I’ve had the pleasure of being with NDASS for the last 4 years and love running events to expose our students to the wonderful world of surgery. Away from medicine you’ll find me walking my dog or chasing a never ending list of retro video games to play.

University of Sydney: Jacqui

My name’s Jacqui, and I’m the president of the Sydney University Surgical Society (SUSS)! I’m really glad to be continuing the legacy of SUSS by continuing to run our usual calendar of events, as well as innovating with my amazing team to start new initiatives. I’m passionate about improving student exposure to the reality of surgical training, as well as enhancing access to surgery for women and other traditionally disadvantaged groups.