University of Notre Dame Fremantle: Arran Goddard-Nash

President of NDASS and passionate about surgery due to working in Theatre since I was 18. Hoping to provide great opportunities for surgical education for my committee and the UNDF cohorts.

Macquarie University: Shalaf Alam

Hey everyone! I am the current president of Macquarie University Surgical Society (MUSS). I am very passionate about surgery. As a society, we are determined to maximise student opportunities to engage with surgeons, understand surgical career options and upskill essential surgical skills.  We look forward to collaborating with ASSA and other societies!

Deakin University: Michael Lam 

Hey guys, I am Michael, 4th year medical student at Deakin University, and current chair of Deakin Surgical Interest Group (DSIG). I am from Sydney but find myself nicely settled here in Geelong. Within medicine, I am heavily broadly inclined towards anything procedural from surgery to anaesthetics/critical care, leading me to be passionate about helping myself and other medical students to explore the entire field of surgery, through the good and the challenges, which is why we have started DSIG’s podcast, Life in the Surg Lane, to delve deep in this!

University of Otago: Andrea van Turnhout

Kia ora, I’m a 5th year medical student currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand and the President of the Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) for 2022. I have a passion for surgery and all things skin, and I’m excited to continue the goal of increasing exposure to Dermatology within NZ with my incredible executive committee.

Flinders University: Kavindya Kariyawasam

Hi everyone, I am the president for the Flinders University Surgical Society (FUSS). I look forward to working with everyone this year to provide great surgical based opportunities for medical students across  Australia and New Zealand.

Western Sydney University: Matthew Whittaker

I am the president of the Western Sydney Surgical Society (WSSS). I have a deep passion for surgery and I am looking forward to working with ASSA and other surgical societies across Australia.

Australian National University: Isabel Adams

Hello! I am the President of the ANU Surgical Society (ANUSS). I am a Sydney-sider currently situated in Canberra. I have a background in brains and a passion for surgery, and I am excited to bring the world of surgery to students.

University of Otago: Chekodi Fearnley-Fitzgerald

Kia ora – my name is Chekodi (but call me Kodi), I’m currently in my 5th year and am the president of the Dunedin Society of Aspiring Surgeons (DSAS) for 2022. I’m very excited to lead an incredibly passionate and hardworking team this year to create many opportunities for our Dunedin students to gain more exposure into the world of surgery and ways they can get involved!

Monash University: Georgia Dawson

Hello everyone! My name is Georgia Dawson and I am a final year medical student and one of the co-chairs of Monash University’s Surgical Interest Group (MUSIG). I look forward to working with ASSA networks across Australia and New Zealand to deliver engaging surgical content for medical students this year.

Notre Dame University Sydney: Lauren Caush and Jett Ho

Jett and Lauren are the co-presidents of the Surgical Society at Notre Dame Sydney, 2022. They are excited to help increase student exposure to surgical careers, increase competency of student surgical skills and advocate for issues within the field of surgery.

Griffith University: Aiden Jabur

I’m a 3rd year medical student at Griffith University and 2022 president of the Surgical Interest Association (Surgia).

University of Adelaide: Nidhi Aujayeb and Chidambaram Seevakan

Hello all, we are 5th year medical students and Co-Chairs of the Adelaide University Surgical Society. We look forward to working with ASSA and collaborating with other Surgical Societies to promote surgical education among passionate students.