In July 2022, ASSA plans to run a seminar titled ‘So you want to be a Surgeon’, which was launched in 2021 with immense success. Medical students who are interested in pursuing surgery as a career are often unsure about the career pathway to choose to become a surgeon. ASSA’s ‘So you want to be a surgeon’ seminar will provide information to medical students regarding various surgical career pathways.

This event will be delivered virtually over zoom and will consist of two sessions which will last two hours. The first session will consist of information on the general pathway to becoming a surgeon and will be delivered by a representative from The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. The second session will consist of information on the 9 RACS surgical specialities in specific breakout rooms. Within these surgical specialty specific breakout sessions, information on a career pathway to become a surgeon for that particular specialty will be provided by specialist and trainee surgeons in the field, with the opportunity to directly ask questions and form connections.